Thai Cooking School Chiang Mai

Cooking is considered an art-form by many people. If you're looking for a place to learn about Thai food and Chiang Mai culture, we know the perfect cooking school for  you.

There are a multiple Thai cooking schools in Chiang Mai. The cooking school we offer is more than just a school. It is rather an extension of a home and an opportunity to share Thai cooking and culture. The cooking school does not teach you to follow the teacher or the cookbook, but teach you how to be creative and understand the basic of cooking Thai food. What you love most is that they do not have a fixed menu for you. You cook what you wish to cook. While cooking you realise you are learning the traditional life style, learning how to grow vegetables and herbs, as well as the various traditional performing arts.

The cooking school is only a few minutes walk away from the Tha Pae Gate in the old city of Chiang Mai. It will be a memorable highlight of you Chiang Mai visit.

What makes our partner cooking school so special?

  • Their flair for the artistry of Thai cooking paired with exquisite attention to Thai culture's captivating details.
  • Created and cared for by a true Thai family.
  • Experiences and authentic teachers. All Thai people can cook but not all Thai people can teach you how to cook.
  • The teachers are travellers and understand what other travellers want and they can share the authentic experiences.
  • Free uploaded web diary of your cooking experiences!
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Thai Cooking School 2
Thai Cooking School 3

Two different programs to choose from

Full day: 9.00 am. – 3.00 pm.

Pick up time 8.20 am.- 8.50 am.

Cook in Town 1,000 baht per person 
Cook at Farm 1,200 baht per person 
(arrive at the city 4.30 pm)

You can cook seven dishes from seven categories.

Half day morning: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm.

Pick up time 8.20 am .- 8.50 am.

Half day evening: 5.00 pm. – 9.00 pm.
Pick up time 4.00 pm .- 4.50 pm.
800 baht per person

Five dishes, you may cook curry paste, curry, spring rolls and 2 more dishes from 2 categories that you have to agree with the people in the class.

Full and Half Day Includes

  • Visiting and tasting some herbs in an organic kitchen garden / organic farm.
  • Cookbook, Market tour.
  • Show how to cook sticky rice.
  • Welcome snack or fruit in season.
  • One person one wok.
  • Web photo album.
  • Free transportation within 3 kilometer radius from Chiang Mai downtown.